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MLC Inspections

The Maritime Labour Convention 2006 ratification process is now well under way and will affect all yachts that are available for charter, irrespective of their size, when it enters into force. Although we do not yet know the exact date for entry into force it is likely to be sometime in 2012.

Lesia has access to a Certified professional trainer in the inspection of ships for compliance with the ILO Maritime Labour Convention, 2006, capable of providing training in this subject at national level. Consequently Lesia is able to offer pre-MLC 2006 inspection assessments for those who want to get organised ahead of the formal inspections that will be carried out by Flag State’s or Recognised Organisations on behalf of Flag State’s.

If you would like Lesia to carry out a pre-MLC 2006 inspection assessment then do not hesitate to contact us.