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Yacht Owners

Owning a yacht, whether for private or commercial use can be one of the most enjoyable experiences there is. A yacht is a “floating bespoke hotel” offering the yacht owner or yacht charterer the best cruising and best interior services that are available in the world. It is therefore important to ensure that the crew that operate the yacht have the very best employment support at all times.

Lesia provides crew management services for yacht owners who want to offer the best employment services to the crew who man the yacht and to make sure there are no employers Social Security contributions to pay on the salaries.

Becoming a Lesia client couldn’t be easier; we only require the usual due diligence papers and our services agreement to be signed. Once an agreement has been signed, Lesia will provide an itemised monthly invoice to the yacht owner for the services provided. See the Social Security section for more information on how the services that Lesia provides protects the yacht owner from employer’s social security contributions.

If you would like to know whether there is an employer’s social security liability on the crew salaries that you pay under your current arrangements, complete the Yacht Assessment Questionniare and email it to us at Our fees for this assessment will be offset when you become a client of Lesia.