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MLC Training

Lesia has developed an MLC, 2006 modular Training Programme for both shore based personnel and yacht crew who need to know more about how the convention will affect them in their day to day work. Attendees can choose to cover just one aspect of the convention that is specific to the work they do, or they can opt for the full programme.

The training is interactive and attendees will be expected to participate fully in every aspect of the course, including role play and presenting to other course members.

The course will be delivered by an ILO certified and qualified trainer of Maritime Labour Inspectors who is part of the Lesia team.

Lesia also provides bespoke MLC training for Yacht management companies, Corporate Service providers, Yacht Builders and other companies or groups who require more targeted training.

For those opting for the full programme, attendees will receive a certificate to verify their completion of the course. To find out how Lesia can assist you in preparing you or your company for MLC send an email to